A Bagful of Almonds – I – Almond Milk

So you know the Kashmiri love for almonds is legendary. Really. No happy occasion is complete without almonds. And no we don’t just do the usual things with them – you know, eating, cooking, baking. When we are happy with you, and you come to visit us, we will bring out at least one huge basket full of whole almonds and we will lovingly shower you with them. Seriously. And then when we are all done we will pick those almonds up off the floor, put them in lovely little pouches and send them off with you as a kind of a return gift.

Conversely if we are happy with you and we are visiting you, we will bring huge trays/baskets full of almonds to your house. Thats just what we do. Cute, eh?

Anyway, so now that you have a bit of context for my almond obsession, lets take this forward a bit. I picked up a 500gm bag of almonds from my grocer the other day, and since I’ve lately developed a bit of a lactose intolerance, and since I *love* almond milk, I thought how hard can it be to make your own. Turns out not very hard at all. In fact it is so easy, it’s ridiculous. And it turned out better than any almond  milk I’ve ever bought from anywhere. High praise that eh? Well, as they say, pudding – proof – eating.

(You will need a blender, and a cheesecloth/ muslin for this though.)

So here goes:


1 cup of almonds – soaked in cold water, preferably overnight, but for at least 6 hours.

3 cups of water.


Easiest thing in the world. All you do is put the almonds and water in your blender – I used the NutriBullet, because, well obviously (If you’re using the NutriBullet then just make sure your water goes only up to the max line) – and blend for about a minute or so, till it’s all fairly liquid and there are no almonds left whole.

Then basically all you need to do is strain your almond-water-blend through a cheesecloth/ muslin, making sure to squeeze as much liquid out as you can. And there you have it – lovely, snowy, creamy almond milk. Drink it, pour it over your cereal, make your porridge with it, bake with it, stir it into smoothies – whatever you want. Just make sure you store it in an air-tight container and it’ll last at least a week in the fridge. Perfect, no?

Oh, almost forgot, you know the ground up almond pulp left behind in your cheesecloth, well, you can dry that and use it as almondmeal in porridges, sprinkled over cereal, even in baking. All you need to do is spread it out thinly and evenly on a baking sheet and put in in the oven on a very low temperature, around 100C, till its all dry – about 30-40 mins. Do keep checking and stirring and breaking lumps while it dries. Keeps really well in an airtight container too. Perfect, no?


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