Granola Bars

Just a quick post about my most favourite granola bars in the universe. This has been my go-to recipe for breakfast bars for years. Lovely, slightly crunchy, and so so good for you. I made these last week and took some in to work. Always very popular these, but this time one of my colleagues suggested I should patent the recipe, quit my job, make and sell mountains of these :).

Such praise left me with no choice but to confess that its actually a BBCGoodFood recipe which I’ve kind of made my own. By the way, I *love* BBCGoodFood. Oh Yeah. So anyway I thought while I’m getting my head around the Tchaaman Ruvangan (Paneer with tomatoes) recipe, which I intend to put up next, I’d put this up.

My love for oats is the stuff of legends. No really. I love oats. Porridge is my thing. And no-cook-soaked-oats. Oh Yeah. And I’ve got an incurable sweet tooth. These bars are absolutely fantastic because there are oats in there, and good healthy sugars. And good healthy fat. And nuts. And seeds. And coconut! Ticks so many of my boxes. Oh Yeah.

So, without much further ado, how do you do!

Ingredients — 

100gms of coconut oil – you could use butter, but coconut oil is much much healthier and tastes amazing in this recipe.

3 tablespoons of honey –  golden syrup will do just as well, but again, honey is healthier.

85gms of demerara sugar – if you find jaggery (gudd) anywhere, you could use that as well, gives it a lovely complex flavour. But of course regular white sugar will do the job just as well.

140gms of porridge oats – so we’re talking regular rolled oats, not the quick cooking variety.

½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon – mmmm cinnamon.

50gms of desiccated coconut.

3 tablespoons of seeds – whatever seeds you prefer or have to hand : pumpkin, sesame, linseeds, melon, hemp. I like to mix all of them up and put the lot in.

100g chopped nuts – again of your choice. I love pecans in these. But walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, separately or mixed, work just as well.


Method —

So once you have all your various bits measured out and in place this is a shockingly easy recipe to throw together.

Fire your oven up and preheat it to around 160C, which is 140C with the fan on. Take a square baking tin (the I one I use is 22cm), grease and line it with some baking parchment (I *love* baking parchment! Oh Yeah).

That done, what you need to do is to put your coconut oil, honey and sugar in a pan and melt it all down over a low flame. In a mixing bowl mix all your other ingredients – oats, cinnamon, coconut, seeds, nuts. Pour your melted oil/sugar/honey mixture into the oats and mix really well. All of that then you transfer to your lined baking tin. Level everything off, pressing the mixture down into the tin with the back of a spoon.

In it goes, in to the oven, for about 30-35 minutes, during which time your whole house will smell like candy. Oh Yeah.

Let it cool for about 5-7 minutes, then cut into slices, squares, triangles, whatever. Oh and try not to polish the whole lot off with your afternoon tea, because these actually store really well in an airtight container for unto a week.

And you’re done.


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